There are a few tips and tricks that will make a difference

Step 1: Default titles are useless. Use this formula for titles
COMPOSER  – Last name only
Title – DROP “The” “A” Le” La” “Der” etc
SINGERS – Last names only. RUE OF THUMB: You can’t go wrong if you list the last names of the first woman and first man in the cover credits; 90% of the time it’s all you need.
CONDUCTOR – Last name only
#xCD -Number of CDs
Label – Some tricks here. If it’s Archiv Production, list it as “DG Archiv”. If it is EMI and has an Angel logo, use “EMI Angel”; if it has a dog and horn make it “EMI HMV”.
19xx – Only include if you have this handy.
Click on each of these links to enlarge!
To revise your title, highlight it…
and drop in a title as outlined above.
Condition and description are two separate fields, but both buyers and sellers know that detailed condition info should always go in the item description. The second step is to revise your present descriptions to make them more readable. It turns out that you have nailed the info on the first try – and separating the sentences will make it more easily readable. So scroll down to descriptions…
and do a little editing. First, put a double line break between each sentence.
Looks better already. But we’re going to do two more things:
bump up the size of the text by about 25%…
and make the best attributes – and these are what bargain hunters are looking for – stand out
… and this may be one or more points you want to emphasize

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