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Inside “The Great Game,” 1968

… or, more accurately, as inside as Allen Dulles would allow the media to go in 1968. “We’re not spies. We’re intelligence gatherers.” Newstalgia has posted the audio of an amazing interview with then ex-CIA director Allan Dulles, first broadcast in 1968 on NET (now PBS). It’s a must hear for all students of “The Great Game” then — and now.

The Dam Bursts: John McCain and a ‘Nam MIA Cover-up

Mister War Hero (did you know he was a POW?) has some serious explaining to do. How many of our men in uniformed were left behind, John? (And here I’d been planning to get all snarky over my morning coffee about the Palin-McCain Administration’s lie about Alaska producing 20% of the nation’s energy [hat tip to Koop]).

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