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High Definition Recording Gets Higher

I’ve just attend an impressive demonstration of some “3D” recordings given by German producer Werner Drabinghaus. The playback system supplements the modern home theater surround configuration with four additional speakers placed high up in a room (in the present case, some 5 meters up in the Gasteig’s “Black Box” venue) on the right and left, front and rear. The results were quite stunning, particularly from recordings where some of the instruments and choirs are placed on risers or a cathedral organ is high above the congregation. Most interestingly, the additional speakers increased the sense of both staging and imaging along with the vertically expanded aural canvas. Drabinghaus is on to something big, especialy given that good quality surround speakers and amplification are a relative bargain, standards that include elevated speakers are beginning to find standardization (including Blu-Ray playback) in the consumer audio community, and multichannel formats are beginning to get traction among the download community.

Shining a Little Sunlight in the Berkshires

Just a few miles south of the town in which I grew up, and a little north of Tanglewood and Berkshire County’s summer “Theater District,” the largest solar power plant in New England is going online not far from where General Electric used to be the region’s powerhouse employer. You can read about the project (via AP) at what I still lovingly call the Berkshire Bird (with more local perspective from last week here).