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Joan Walsh Dares Say It

Via the incomparable Bob Somerby comes this gem written by Joan Walsh, echoing exactly what American Politics Journal‘s founding editor, Jeff Koopersmith, was saying well over a decade ago (Bob’s emphases preserved):

“The Clinton Tapes” makes clear that from start to finish, President Clinton was besieged by a vicious just-say-no GOP abetted by the perversely, inexplicably, cruelly anti-Clinton leaders of the so-called liberal media—from the New York Timeslame crusades against Whitewater and Chinese donors and Wen Ho Lee, to the integrity-free “opinion” journalism by Maureen Dowd and, sadly, Frank Rich, to a whole host of other liberal media characters who couldn’t shake their feeling that Clinton was a fraud, a poseur, a hillbilly, a cynic. Their trashy eight-year oeuvre will likely go down in history as the most spectacularly malevolent and misguided White House coverage ever —and politically costly, since it also encompassed Vice President Al Gore and probably made George W. Bush president in 2000.

Read Joan’s erudite takedown of your media here, and Bob Somerby’s analysis here.

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