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The latest news from Gene.

And We’re Back

Our beloved web host made a change to server security and forgot to tell us, in effect shutting down the site database. Well, we fixed it with the addition of three characters toa configuration file, and all is well. New stuff to follow by Monday. You’ll like it!

Busy Busy Busy

… as my blogger pal Scoobie Davis would say. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible at last, and within the next couple of weeks you can expect to read my reviews of:
• a significant Sviatoslav Richter release from Budapest Music Centre (plus another coming from Musical Concepts [full disclosure: yes, I’m the reissue producer]);
• the first installment of an important reissue series focusing on the “New York School” from Wergo; and
• the best no-holds-barred portable digital audio player I’ve yet heard.

Upgrade Your Firefox Now

Yes, I like Google Chrome and Opera, but Firefox is still my standards-compliant workhorse Web browser of record. Its new version 3.5 brought major improvements – along with some startup bugs and a security issue that immediately surfaced. If you're using Firefox – 3.5 or otherwise – go to the menu and hit Help ⇒Install Downloaded Update or Help⇒Check for Updates, depending on what you find there.

Busy busy busy…

… as activist blogger, filmmaker and legendary party-crasher Scoobie Davis is fond of saying. I’ve been taking on some additional responsibilities for one client, initiating a digital archiving job for another, remastering some fascinating romantic-era piano concertos from analog tape originals for yet another, assembling additional talent for APJ, and generally burning the candle at both ends. Later this week, look for a new “guess the artist” audio sample.