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On the Short Liszt of the Year’s Best

Of course I can’t pass up an opportunity to create a terrible pun, and in this case it’s apt. Yes, it’s the 200th anniversary of virtuoso pianist and underrated composer Franz Liszt, and the music world is being inundated by recitals and recordings. Naturally, it’s easy to be jaded about anything Lisztian under the circumstances, so I’m pleased to report that last night’s recital of some of the composer’s barnburners at Christ & St. Stephen’s Church in Manhattan (about a 5 minute walk from Lincoln Center) was one of the best programs I’ve seen all year. And the artist is a name you’re unlikely to know, but should. Continue reading On the Short Liszt of the Year’s Best

Mystery Polonaise

Here’s something a little different for the mystery track: a Polonaise for solo piano by one of my favorite 20th century composers. Don’t let the neo-Romantic elements fool you – he was a postwar composer in Western Europe and a prominent musical figure in his country

{enclose 2009.myst.06.mp3}

All will be revealed June 26 at 1500 EST.