Gene Gaudette

Gene Gaudette is Managing Partner of Gaudette & Associates.  He has nearly thirty years of experience within the music industry as a video, recording and interactive media producer, A&R director, product marketing strategist, artistic advisor, retail and record label manager, music journalist, database developer, composer, conductor and arranger, and is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

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New York Polyphony’s I Sing the Birth

With a little help from Avie Records‘ Simon Foster, remarkable producer Malcolm Bruno, and a few friends – including Anonymous 4 alumna Ruth CunninghamNew York Polyphony, a quartet of gentlemen who bring a highly individualistic sound and passionate musicality to a millennium of vocal music, have issued their first CD: a program of music for the festive season. You can order a copy here.

Full disclosure: I’m marketing advisor to Avie’s US distributor.

Gene Gaudette on classical music, cultural politics, political culture, media, and his record labels.