The Dam Bursts: John McCain and a ‘Nam MIA Cover-up

Mister War Hero (did you know he was a POW?) has some serious explaining to do. How many of our men in uniformed were left behind, John? (And here I’d been planning to get all snarky over my morning coffee about the Palin-McCain Administration’s lie about Alaska producing 20% of the nation’s energy [hat tip to Koop]).

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The Origin

At digby’s must-read Hullabaloo blog, where he more often comments on political issues under the screen name tristero, composer Richard Einhorn informs readers that he has just completed his oratorio The Origin, based on the writings of scientist Charles Darwin; it will premiere next February at SUNY Oswego, with performing participants including Kitka, a remarkable eastern European female choir. This looks to be a première well worth the pilgrimage.

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