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Ugly Rumors from a Venerable Musical Powerhouse

I’ve recently heard from some colleagues who are very well connected to New York City’s musical organizations rumors that the manager of one of the most prominent and revered had hired — and generously paid — his well-known brother as a “consultant” some years back without going through the proper channels. Yes, these are “only rumors” — but when they come from people in different business and social circles, one tends to put a bit more credence in them. Someone may well need to hire a spin doctor, and soon.

The Great Fake Prominent International Orchestra Swindle

Daniel Wakin has the juicy details at the NY Times. The truth is that the “Great International Orchestra Swindle” is not a terribly well-kept secret – and arguably one of the biggest scandals – in the American classical music business.

It’s also worth noting that on more than one occasion I’ve seen fine local free-lancers padding out the ranks of a couple of legitimate “name” Russian orchestras performing in New York City. It might be a worthwhile topic for a follow-up article by Wakin, who has become a “must-read” music journalist.