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Blythe / Gilbert / NYPhil @ Avery Fisher 10/4/11

My review is live at Classical Source. My quibbles with the Corigliano’s One Sweet Morning notwithstanding, it is a substantial work showcasing a superb singer that got a top-shelf US premiere. I recommend you give a listen when it becomes available — which it almost certainly will, as the telling forest of mics above and in front of the orchestra telegraphed. My guess: we’ll see it appear on DG Concerts early next year.

Restarting the “Countdown”: Keith Olbermann Tacks Left

“Countdown with Keith Olbermann” is back on the air after its host walked out on MSNBC a little more than five months ago. The most notable difference is that Olbermann is letting his political hair down in the program’s Current TV incarnation, revealing himself as far more liberal than he was on MSNBC. In a Special Comment following a segment with contributor Michael Moore, Olbermann laid out the underlying principle of “Countdown”:

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On the CD Player: Vintage Barbirolli

Dvo?ák: Symphony No.7 — Hallé Orchestra / Sir John Barbirolli (Disky 704002)

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the Barbirolli/Hallé Dvo?ák Symphony No.7 — recorded in 1957, originally issued on Pye and most recently available in an ultra-budget 3-fer from Disky. In some respects it was much as I remembered: the sound was both overmiked and very congested, and the playing was sometimes a bit too out of tune. The performance, however, was more satisfying than I had recalled: enormously energetic, strongly dramatic, and filled with more than the requisite number of “goosebump” moments. I’m very glad I gave this one another listen.

Sound: 5
Performance: 8